July 13, 2016 at 11:19 am

Common Backyard Tree Problems

Having trees in the backyard can be a real asset to the garden. They provide shade for the whole family to sit under on a sunny day and can be a good playground for children who can spend hours having fun in a tree house or on a swing that has been built between the branches. For all the benefits that trees can provide, there are a few drawbacks which may require a professional Perth tree services provider to deal with any potential problems.

This is a guide to some of the most common problems that trees can cause

Blocking The View

As a tree’s branches grow this may block the neighbours’ view of their garden. As well as being frustrating for the neighbours it can also cause tensions to arise. It is better to deal with any complaints quickly, so if a neighbour complains then it is a good idea to get in touch with a tree surgeon as soon as possible and co-operate fully.


If tree roots or branches encroach over the official boundary between two houses onto a neighbour’s property can be a serious legal matter. By removing these roots or trimming the branches with their permission, it could be in breach of the law. If it is the case that a tree is encroaching, consult with the neighbour and get them to agree to any work that needs doing. It is worthwhile for the encroacher to cover the costs whilst allowing the neighbour to choose a company themselves to remove the roots or branches. This helps the neighbour to feel in control of the process without having to foot the bill themselves.

Blocking Sunlight

If tree leaves and branches are blocking sunlight to the garden, this can prevent plants and flowers from growing properly can cause them to wilt and die. This can be a financial headache especially if the flowers were expensive to buy in the first place. By getting the branches cut, this will allow enough sunlight to give plants the vitamin D they need to thrive.

Falling Hazard

Overgrown trees can become a falling hazard. This is dangerous for people in the garden and can also be a risk to any part of the house which is in range of the tree. If a tree looks like it is leaning to far one way or that it sways heavily in high winds, then it is best to either have the tree removed or to have the branches significantly lopped.

Backyard Tree Problems

Roots Interfering With Utilities and Foundations

Tree root can grow extremely long and thick and can find their way into the pipes of a house if they are not kept in check. This can interfere with the plumbing and can cause extensive damage. Also, roots can grow deep enough to interfere with the foundations of a house and make them potentially unstable. Having roots removed before they cause this kind of damage could save a lot of money on repairs.

Hopefully this guide will help homeowners to properly maintain trees in the garden so that they don’t cause any of these problems.