September 26, 2016 at 10:15 am

GPS Trackers Is A Boon for Gigantic Vehicle Fleet Owners

GPS tracking for vehicles is basically tracking the vehicle. There are many vehicles fitted with this, which tells the employer where the vehicles are located. Previously when there was a fleet of vehicles the owner of the fleet could not trace the position of the vehicle. But GPS system has helped them to keep track of the drivers and the vehicles. Vehicle GPS server is the software which is installed on the computer. Vehicles, personal and whole fleet can be tracked using this server. This server may be costly but it serves well. Live tracking is possible using the server. The position of the vehicle or person and the time can be noted exactly.

Many devices or persons can be located from the server. There is the option of many people using the same server to track the same device simultaneously. As soon the vehicle starts moving the position is shown and the maps also can be changed according to the viewer’s convenience. There are different types of alarms provided in this software. When the tracking device power is less then low power alarm is sent. If the vehicles speeds exceed then the speed alarm is sent. When the vehicle is going out of boundary, geofence alarm rings.

GPS trackers can monitor and store the history of the vehicle tracks. This memory can be enabled whenever there is a requirement. If the memory is full then the whole file can be transferred to the computer. The reports of the records are sent to the vehicle owners. The reports consist of the alarms sent, distance covered and destinations reached. The vehicle owners will be able to have the record of their driving track history. The business people can have the track of almost all the vehicles and note the destinations reached. If the vehicle fleet is gigantic also the business owners can easily guard and track their vehicles.