January 11, 2017 at 8:52 am

Water Tanks Serve Many Purposes for Both Commercial and Domestic Customers

Rainwater and irrigation water tanks come in a variety of sizes and colours, and are needed by both homeowners and business owners, as well as municipal and governmental entities. Regardless of the type that you need, however, companies that provide this product manufacture only high-quality tanks that meet or exceed standards set by the government. Water tanks can be purchased for a variety of purposes, and are used by domestic customers who want to harvest clean rainwater; commercial customers who use both corrugated and glass-fused tanks that store water to be used in harvesting rainwater, to hold potable town water, and to detain storm water; and for industrial and even mining clients who need them to store treated water. Best of all, these tanks are regularly tested and examined by their manufacturers to make sure that they are safe and compliant with certain ISO regulations, which means that you can count on them to be both functional and safe at all times.

All Sizes of Tanks are Available

Most tanks can hold up to five-million litres of water, but of course, there are smaller ones used by domestic and rural customers, so it is not mandatory that you purchase one that is that large. The tanks also come in a wide variety of colours, which means not only are they functional, but they are also attractive. When you consider that water tanks dot the landscape of many areas across Australia, both rural and urban, it is easy to understand why their attractiveness is so important. Today’s fire water tanks are made with high-density polyethylene, and are usually made in either black or forest green because these colours are best at blocking the UV rays that can cause algae to grow in the water. The tanks are also equipped with a lid approximately sixteen inches in size, as well as a screened u-vent, a connection for the fire department, and a host of other fittings that can be adjusted so that the tank always accommodates the needs of its owner. They are long-lasting and durable, and high in quality, yet they cost a lot less than many people realise.

How to Get Started When You Need a Tank

Water tank companies are easy to find, in part because most of them have websites that allow you to obtain information on exact dimensions and sizes, available colours, how to get a free quote, acceptable payment methods, and all of the details that you need in order to make your decision. These companies realise that every customer is unique and has their own set of objectives and goals when purchasing a water tank, so they work closely with each and every customer to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the end result is a product the customer can both use and appreciate. From small water tanks used in a rural residential area to larger tanks that are used for irrigation purposes, and everything in between, water tank companies can provide you with the perfect product at a price that you can afford.