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May 14, 2016 at 8:48 am

Why You Should Install a Gutter Guard

The gutters are an important element of your home’s infrastructure. They keep precipitation diverted to localised spots, which protects your landscaping. They also help keep your foundation from excess water and potential flooding. However, gutters capture other things along with rain, such as leaves, sticks, and other objects. Over time, this debris can build up so much that it impedes the function of the gutter. In some cases the water can even overflow the top of the gutter, which defeats the entire purpose of having a gutter. Installing a guard or shield over your gutters can help prevent this build-up and keep your gutters functioning properly.

Why a Gutter Guard Is a Good Investment

When your gutters get full of leaves, small twigs and other debris, you have to clean them out before they can function properly again. Cleaning gutters is an arduous and potentially dangerous task. It requires being on a ladder, scooping out wet mouldy leaves and then having to repeat the task as soon as the debris builds up again. Installing a gutter guard is a one-time task that will easily pay for itself in time and money saved.


While some styles of guard vary, the general idea is a material placed over the top of the gutter that lets water through but stops leaves or other things from getting into the gutter. For example, you can find a gutter guard in Perth that is essentially an aluminium mesh placed over the top of the gutter. It’s attached on one side to the top of the gutter, and on the other side to the edge of the roof, providing complete protection for the gutter. A guard such as this that’s attached to the roof is superior to one that simply stretches from one side of the gutter to the other. In that design, there is still room for leaf litter to build up between the gutter and the roof. If you are going to install a guard, be sure you choose one that is well-designed and offers complete protection.

There are some other advantages to aluminium mesh gutter guards. The material can be manufactured in many different colours, so you can find one that best suits your house. Also, the gauge of the mesh is the perfect size to allow the largest amount of water to pass through while encouraging leaf litter to slide off. Aluminium mesh also has a flammability index of zero, which can help protect your home from sparks during a bushfire.

Gutter Guard

Finding an Installer

When you are looking for a gutter installer, one thing you should consider is going with a company that offers several different installation options. You may want to install the guard yourself, and you can find a gutter guard company that will measure and cut everything to the right length so all you have to do is install it. Another option is to work with a guard manufacturer and a professional roofing company to have the entire project completed by professionals without any DIY work required.