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September 5, 2016 at 4:55 am

Work with the Experts in Sandblasting and Specialty Coatings

Anyone who has applied a fresh coat of paint knows that the most essential task in the process is preparing the surface. Even when a person paints the wood trim on his or her home, he or she should use a wire brush and a dull blade to get rid of the flakes and uneven surfaces. Only when the surface is really ready to take new paint should the actual task of painting begin.

This is especially true in commercial and industrial situations. When an object is clean of old paint and other debris, the new paint will adhere properly. Sand- and grit-blasting are the primary methods for getting the surface ready in specialty work and industrial settings.

Expertise Counts

For the important job of creating a perfect surface, you would be wise to make arrangements with a company that specialises in abrasive blasting, applying protective coatings, and spray painting for industry. These top providers use only the most modern equipment and facilities to complete their work, offering spray booths of varying sizes in order to handle almost any custom requirement.

The long list of services offered by these professionals includes sandblasting, mobile sandblasting, soda blasting, dustless blasting, protective coatings, inspection reports, industrial spray painting, and equipment for mining, industry, and transport.


Some of these services are quite specialised, which means that the sources for this type of work can be quite limited in number. For example, direct blasting uses steel grit. Soda blasting is often used for more delicate surfaces such as car bodies and brickwork. This method may also be used on wood or glass, and can be used to degrease a vehicle engine without damaging the components.

More Than Removal

These top suppliers of specialty blasting services also offer painting and coating for industry, which may mean cleaning and coating concrete and steel surfaces to protect them from corrosion and heat. Coatings may be silicone, zinc, epoxy, or polyurethane, depending on the need and setting. When you talk with one of the experts, he or she can make suggestions and recommendations for the coating that will work best for you.

If you need this service in Western Australia and the Perth region, you are in luck because there are companies close to you that specialise in this field, whether it is for large industrial equipment or a small vehicle. You will always get quality work in addition to a great price. The work will be completed quickly and efficiently with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Most of the experts in this area also offer free quotes, so you will know from the start what your expense will be. Ask your colleagues and peers about their experiences with blasting and coating services.

Chances are that they will direct you to a company that is not only experienced but also known throughout the industry for their outstanding work. You will find that they always use the latest equipment and protective gear when finishing your project. Quality and customer service of this type have extraordinary value in essential industries.